Money Matters and the Married Woman A Survival Kit

By Lillibeth Vazquez-Legasto

Money matters in a marriage. According to statistics from marriage counselors as well as financial counselors, money is the number one cause of arguments in a marriage. If the problem about money is not properly addressed, it may even be a cause for separation.
I spent time to educate myself in this area by reading quite a number of books on marriage. I attended seminars, and even joined an organization that guided married couples to be responsible, loving spouses and parents. Topics well-covered were centered on husband and wife relationships and parent and child relationships. There was no discussion on money.
I realized that a majority of married women kept their concerns about money a secret. Women had a fear of causing major arguments and thus kept their silence.
Initially, I said to myself, I would like to share more money sense with my three married children to give them advice on this area. However, as time went by, this desire grew into a stronger passion, which inspired me to interview ten married women who graciously shared stories about marriage and money with me. Their failures and successes are good lessons to inspire us about handling money responsibly in marriage.